Saturday, October 24, 2015

Reblog: 5 Stop Motion Movies for Halloween

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#5: Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, is bored with his life. After stumbling into Christmas Town, Jack becomes obsessed with the holiday and attempts to take it over.
nightmare1Released in 1993, The Nightmare Before Christmas was not just revolutionary for stop motion as a medium, it received glowing reviews and is still well-loved today. It was originally released under the Touchstone label because Disney feared a negative reception, given it was too dark of a project. It has since, however, become a Disney animation staple, with characters even appearing in the Disney Parks over the Halloween season.
#4: Corpse Bride
Victor, a young Victorian man, accidentally marries the living corpse of a murdered bride.
Corpse Bride is created with a unique style of puppetry stop motion. The main characters have complicated clockwork mechanics that allow the facial expressions to be adjusted within the model. Apparently a painstaking process, the affect is yet a stunning visual experience.
#3: ParaNorman
Norman is a young a boy who can see ghosts. When the town he lives in is attacked by zombies, he and his friends must work together to save the day.
ParaNorman is a stop-motion movie from LAIKA, a small studio willing to take risks. ParaNorman is a great example of risk-taking in everything from the visual choices, to the fact that it features the first out character in an American animated theatrical release. Ever. ParaNorman is a wonderful send off to B horror movies, while still being delightfully appropriate for children.
#2: Curse of the Ware Rabbit
wallice2A feature length Wallace and Gromit film, Curse of the Ware Rabbit tells the story of two friends who must work together to solve the mystery of who or what is attacking the garden, and they must do it before the annual village vegetable growing contest.
Claymation stop motion, this film has a wonderful tactile quality, with visible fingerprints indented from the sculpting process. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, Curse of the Ware Rabbit is full of visual punchlines and quick wit.
#1: Coraline
Coraline is a young lonely girl, whose family has recently moved. Coraline has strange dreams about her "other mother" that turn out to be darkly real.
Also produced by LAIKA, Coraline is based on a novel by Neil coraline6Gaiman that bares the same name. As with all the stop motion movies produced by LAIKA, they used 3D printer technology to create the intricate models for the animation. Because it was the first movie this studio had produced, instead of being printed in color (as was the case for their other films), each printed piece had to be carefully hand-painted.

A wonderfully written spooky story, paired with some of the most beautiful animation of any stop motion film, makes this my first choice for Halloween.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Reblog: Five Family Friendly

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#5: Halloween is Grinch Night
While not as well remembered as the classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas, this "Grinchy" Halloween special came out in 1977 and won an Emmy.grinch1
In Whoville when the sour-sweet wind starts to blow, it means that the Grinch will come terrorize the Whos. The story is  basically about a little Who, Euchariah, who gets lost on the way to the outhouse (no indoor plumbing it seems).grinch2
Euchariah ends up stumbling upon the Grinch on his way to Whoville and decides to distract him so that he won't make it to the town. Full of music, the finale of this short is a wonderfully animated spooky surreal scene of Grinch magic.
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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Reblog: Nostalgia Critic Pinky and the Brain

A Pinky and the Brain Halloween Review

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and one of my favorite traditions that I do every year is baking pumpkin seeds and watching the Pinky and the Brain Halloween special. This is a 90's kid nostalgia episode.

For those of you who some how managed to miss Pinky and the Brain, it is a cartoon about a megalomaniac mouse name the Brain who wants to take over the world with his best friend/sidekick Pinky. The theme song summarizes it better then I did:

The Halloween special manages to capture the best parts of the TV show along with a spooky supernatural story-line that ends up involving the Brain in a rhythmic gymnastics competition against the Devil,in literal hell (of course since this is a cartoon, for children, it is referred to as Heck or Hades). Did I mention I love this cartoon?

Pinky and the Brain looking at a contract that the devil is holding. In hellllllll! Or as it is referred to in the cartoon: Heck.
When looking back over the course of the series the Halloween special and the Christmas special are both very interesting looks at Pinky and the Brain's relationship. In both the Brain sacrifices his dreams of world domination for Pinky, but the Halloween special is one of the few episodes where we see the Brain ruling the earth.

In this Halloween special, Pinky sells his soul to the devil so that the Brain can rule the world. Soon, though, the Brain realizes that his life isn't fulfilling without Pinky by his side.

This episode is full of Male Duo tropes. One of the recurring ones is that the Brain has difficulty admitting the importance of his friendship with Pinky. Instead the Brain makes the flimsy excuse that he "doesn't know where the food pellets are" so Pinky will have to come home to show him.

A really wonderful nostalgic episode, I definitely recommend re-watching it this Halloween. If you enjoyed Pinky and the Brain growing up, I think you will surprised how well it stands up to the test of time.