Wednesday, September 11, 2013

House Party: A Furry Tree Games Review

I was recently contacted to write a review for a game designed by Furry Tree, a small UK company that specializes in educational games. House Party was funded in part by the Art Council of England.

First, I would like to say that I am an American, so my review is based on a perspective that comes from being raised in the States. Also, I think I should start out by mentioning that one of my all time favorite games to this day is The Asylum. A flash based game in which you are a psychiatrist to stuffed animals. Although it a fairly silly game, I remember playing it as a child and finding it oddly profound. Simple animation, and easy, humorous game play, does not mean you cannot also deal with complex emotional issues.
House Party

In this quiz style game. You are at a house party for monsters, and you pick different people to talk to. By giving “good” advice about relationships, sex, sexting, drinking, and similar questions, you will become their friend on Fuzzbook (the goal of the game). There are seven different characters you get to talk to.