Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Kitty and the Mashed Potatoes

GCU (where I recently started selling cards), are having a kitty blogging challenge. It inspired me to recount a cooking adventure I had recently with the "help" of my wild kitty.

Sulu was a rescued feral kitten, found (thank goodness) by someone who socializes them so that they can be adoptable. While he now is a content house cat, harness trained and happy to bound on a leash when we go on walks – he still has a wild streak and street smarts that help him with his love for causing trouble.

One day, after working an early shift at work I decided what I really needed was some mashed potatoes (seriously, I may as well have been a zombie chanting BRAINS, because all I could think about was MASHED POTATOES all day). Since I knew what an ordeal it would be, I decided to make the largest batch I could, so I could eat it all week.

Once home (after stopping by the grocery store to buy a huge bag of potatoes) I began the slow process of peeling them all. My kitty, sat next to his bowl (still half full) and screamed his little mews that said he wanted some of whatever it was I was making. When this did not draw my attention he played with some of the stray potatoes peels that had not made it into the garbage.

Living in a certain humble means, I have not yet bought a mixer (though I occasionally webserf KitchenAids with the same fixed attention as my cat when he stalks his stuffed mouse). So, I use a hand blender. While these work fine for pureeing soup, they are not ideal for mashed potatoes, not only taking an extensive amount of time – but it gives the mashed potatoes an off texture that is too thin and smooth. To create the ideal mashed potatoes I hand mash half of it, and then mix it with a batch that was pureed. Seriously did I mention mashed potatoes are a hassle to make?

During the three hours it took to finish making the potatoes my cat had become resigned to the fact I was ignoring him. No longer pacing at my feet or attempting to jump on to the counter to “help,” he flopped on to one of the kitchen chairs purring to himself, his eyes half-closed. This unusual calmness should have warned me, but I (in ignorant bliss) took a scoop of potatoes and left the room.

It was just a few moments that I heard it – a loud crashing sound from the kitchen. Sulu had managed to shove the lid off the mashed potatoes and when I ran in I saw him. He was sitting on the counter, fist pumping the air in a kitty salute as he licked mashed potatoes from his paw. His other arm was nearly shoulder deep in the mashed potatoes.

When I told this story to my friends every single one of them asked if I filmed it. Oh, Youtube Generation. But in retrospect I wish I had gotten some pictures. My little kitty looked pleased as punch with mashed potatoes all over his face and would have made an adorable card : )

Anywho, check out some of these kitty cards from GCU artists. We love the support.

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Cards

and here are a couple of cards from other artists that I found amusing:

(this was one of the few card besides mine that shows up when you search death and birthdays :P)

and yes they do have a card for everything

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Homework Assignment 3

Homework 3, on the left side there is a "jungle hero", on the right there is a hero climbing a building.

My rightside panel is of a christian superhero, and a pack of cats follow him becuase of his jesus-fish. Yay!

I am curious to see what they say about this one, I think it's better then the last one, but it is also kind of everywhere and a month late. Sigh.