Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lock and Watches 2

Got an old school phone, just took it apart, and have found this awesome piece that I think might actually work better for the virtual reality computer.

Here is what I had been looking at for the full room computer:

But I'm starting to think something a lot more simple might work better visually, so I tried making a quick mock up to get a feel for a new design.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Lesson 4 Practise

The rabbit's line of action is still off, as well as the angle of the arms. Head should be set farther back, giving a nice curved shape to the back.

The ducks head is closer on this try, but the beak should be smaller and angled up more, the left hand should be closer to the body, and the body should be more pair shaped

The shape is getting closer, the curve of the body is right, and the hands and feet are just a little off. The axis on the head is wrong, though, he needs to be looking slightly more down and profiled. The nose needs to patrude a bit more too.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lock and Watches

My original idea was that the fan would be a kind of conductor (with the copper around it) attached to both the solar panel, and the water.

But I ended just buying the cheapest dollhouse I could find, so I might decide to go with aesthetics instead of pretend functionality.

I’m kind liking the idea of having the fan facing inward (to the attic), but I saw Wal-Mart had some of those solar paneled outdoor lights on sale for 3 dollars, so maybe I'll get a few to take apart and then decide :P

Also, I found this awesome piece from the radio, I’m thinking of modifying it for a sorta computer. Sweet.