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Reblog: Bob's Burgers

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If my last few posts have been any indication, I love holiday specials, particularly those of the animated variety. Thanksgiving specials, however, tend to be a bit more dodgy then their Halloween and Christmas counterparts. Whether dubbed "historical," retelling the pilgrims' story, or strange cash-ins like Thanksgiving in the Land of Oz, there are a lot of terrible Thanksgiving specials.
Very historical and high quality.
Very historical and high quality.
While there are some cartoons that stand out above the crowd (shout out to the Hey Arnold! Thanksgiving special), there is one show that has consistently given us Thanksgiving cartoons to be thankful for: Bob's Burgers.
Bob's Burgers is part of the Fox cartoon lineup, alongside The Simpsons and Family Guy, but it is a much gentler cartoon. It is a surprisingly family-friendly show with some adult humor tossed in. It also, refreshingly, refrains from the stupid-husband/hot-wife trope we tend to see in sitcoms. 

Bob's Burgers follows the adventures of the Belcher family as they run the family burger joint together.All of the show's Thanksgiving themed episodes have been a wonderful and comedic celebration of the season. So, if you're looking for something fun to watch, check out one of these episodes:
An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal - Season 3
Turkey in a Can - Season 4
Dawn of the Peck - Season 5
And, most importantly, have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Source: Featured Image (2015) Bob's Burgers, Season 4, Episode 5, from, via Google Images

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