Saturday, May 11, 2013

Is the Brave Redesign Sexist?

If you wander through the parts of the interweb where gender in animation is discussed (or any Disney Princess forums), you probably already heard about this before the Huffington Post wrote about it.

Merida, from Brave, got a marketing makeover and it's making some people very mad. So, what's the big deal?


Well, the picture above is one I modified to prove a point, here is the real design:


She has more adult facial proportions, less vibrant hair, a thinner waist, a larger bust, more defined curves, and a sexier outfit that is lower cut and slides down her shoulders.

I have a lot to discuss about this, but currently am short on time (so this is just a teaser), but in the next couple days I will post an article looking at Brave, the Disney Princesses and marketing to little girls.

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