Sunday, September 30, 2012

Diamanda Hagan

I love smart critiques of media: I'm a fan of  sporks, and internet reviewers, MST3K - the whole shebang. So, I thought I'd do a post on one of my favorite reviewers, God-Empress of Haganistan herself -Diamanda Hagan.


Playing the character of a deranged psychopath, she reviews whatever she damn well pleases – dark humor, with witty critiques on character continuity, world issues, and what-the-hell-were-they-thinking bad acting/writing for all different genres of movies.

Black comedy is a kind of odd line, so in recommending this I will make a comparison. Red Letter Media is one of the most insightful, to the point, (articulated everything I felt but couldn’t find words for about the new Star Wars movies) reviewers. Really excellent – but his serial killer character gives me the heebies in a not good way. That doesn’t mean I don’t think he's talented, it’s just more of a sign of how completely personal what we find funny is.

Diamanda Hagan is someone who I not only find her reviews insightful - but they consistently make me laugh. Her black comedy is more in the vein of Venture Bros. This is the kind of super villain character that could be plopped in amongst The Monarch,Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, Dr. Henry Killinger and Baron Ünderbheit (and now I'm just listing off villains I love because omg I want this to exist) with very little tonal shift – so, if that’s your type of funny I recommend these:

 International Guerillas

Apocalypse (there are 4 in this series)

For something a bit lighter, but equally awesome I'd recommend her Bonekickers reviews:


And my favorite review:

Twatty Who Review (Fear Her)

What I love about this review, is how pointed the commentary is. There are so many issues with this story, and as Hagan rants on and on, I kept nodding my head completely agreeing. Going WTF were they thinking? Who thought a god damn powered by love space ship was a good plan? Did no one read this screenplay before they started filming?!

And then all of a sudden The Omega breaks in and reads the most brilliant proof that there is no such thing as a bad idea, just a poorly executed one. By the end of her short story I was sitting there going: why is this not a book, I want to be reading this now.

Basically, awesome.

And because why the hell not, here's some Diamanda Hagan fanart : )

Diamanda fan art


  1. Hi there! The Omega here, Hagan showed me this post last night...I'm so glad you liked the little blurb! It's part of a larger story found here: that I specifically wrote to impress Hagan back in the day, and prove that even the most idiotic concept can be awesome, with the right adaptation. I might be making a vid out of the full story at some point soon. :)

    1. Thanks so much for commenting. I just went and read the full story, and it is totally amazing :)