Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kubert Pencilling Course: Review

I realize it's been ages since I finished the Kubert Penciling course, and I have yet to actually sit down and write out how I felt about the class. Considering that my first blog on the topic is one of the ones I get the most hits on, it's about time I gave a final review for anyone who might care. So, here we go.

I really enjoyed the Kubert Penciling class. For me having deadlines, and getting the critiques was very helpful, and I can see improvement in my artwork. Here is my first and last assignment side be side:

Wierdly I feel like the improvement is more obvious in my personal projects then in the assignments themselves. Here is some artwork from right before I started the class:

And here is some of the artwork I did during or just after the class:

Granted this is also over the course of a year, I know that part of that imporvment is becuase having assignments forced me to be actively practicing my drawing. But a large part of it was becuase the critiques made me more critical of the artwork I was producing (in a good way).


I felt that the book, and DVD you receive with the class were not super affective. The book is less of text book and more of a lesson book if you will. The DVD was good, but really was just one lesson. I think a DVD with several lessons that were paired to each section of the book would have been really nice. It also would have been nice to have had some recomended readings (or text books) to help those of us (like me) who didn't have as strong of a foundation as perhaps we should have for the class.

I ended up relying heavily on outside sources to complete my homework. I highly recomend Drawing People by Barbara Bradley, and the Scott Mcloud’s series (Understanding Comics, Making Comics and Reinventing Comics), these were the books I used - and what I imagined that the book we recieved with the class was going to be more similar to.


I think what you’re really paying for is the critiques. I found these really helpful, especially because they are drawn (on an additional sheet) over your original artwork. The first couple critiques were slightly more general, but the further assignment felt increasingly targeted to me (with a knowledge of my strengths and weaknesses).

Also, the art supplies you recieve is top notch. I was actually very pleasently surprised.


These classes rely on you being self directed (if you are not going to be able to finish the course, it’s not worth it), and for me having a deadline and a teacher going over each assignment was inspiring in a way that simply drawing on my own is not. I think that the cost of the class was worth the critiques…but the lessons could use some suplemental material.

Here is an example of just one of the many stacks of drawings each homework assignment took (and I felt like on some of the assignments I was busy enough with life/work that I wasn't being able to put in half the time I should have).

So -  yes, I totally recomend this course, but I think its good to understand what you're really getting for your money, and to know you're the kind of person who can be self-directed without a lot of direct acountability. But I enjoyed this class enough, and saw enough improvement in my own artwork that I hope to take the inking course when my workload lightens up enough to justify it : )

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