Friday, June 8, 2012

Fennec Fox and Art Update

I just discovered that some one had left a testamonial at GCU about one of my cards. Woot! Sales have been pretty consistent but not great, about one or two cards a month, so I've been trying to add new designs to widen the types of cards available in my shop.
I also got my first sale at Etsy. Which seems crazy, since I just opened the store a week ago, and I've only had like 30 store views...but I guess all it takes is having the right person see your stuff. I'm quite excited, and made a new dream journal to fill the empty place of the one that sold.

This one has a little fennec fox on the girls shoulder, for no other reason than that they are too adorable for words. Apparently it is legal to keep them as pets here.They are super friendly but really smart and high energy. I may have been watching a silly amount of youtube videos about them right before I painted the new journal.

...and I thought my kitty was a handful.

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