Thursday, May 24, 2012

Disney Loves Starbucks (plus new sirens)

"Disney said each Starbucks location will have a unique theme to blend in with its theme-park surroundings. The California Adventure location, for instance, will be located in an eatery called the "Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Café," meant to evoke Los Angeles in the 1920s. The store will be built with Spanish/Mexican architecture and the Starbucks "baristas" brewing coffee will wear period costumes." (Link)

It's true! The Magical Kingdom used to be one of the few places Starbucks did not live, but no longer. I'm curious if their going to make special themed drinks like the Mickey Mouse Marble Mocha Machiatto. Or the Mmmmm for short. They could totally draw Mickey face with chocolate on the foam.

Are they going to be open super early hours so that Belle can get her pre shift latte? What other exciting costumes are they going to wear? Will they still have their green aprons? Are they going to draw Mickey Hats on all the the sleeves? Is Ariel secretly best friends with the Starbucks Siren? Are they going to have crossover merchandise? Well?

I guess I'll just have to make the coffee pilgrimage to Disneyland one of these days, and have all my questions answered. Also, this was my inspiration for Siren 12 and 13 (yes it's supposed to be Pleakley and those are poorly drawn mosquitoes to the left... don't judge).

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