Thursday, April 26, 2012

Phoenix's Eggs: Nom Nom

Phoenix’s Egg Farm 

I was reading online about the differences between Free Range and Cage Free Eggs… and I discovered some unfortunate information about the lack of regulations. This in turn led me to a great search of local farms in the areas. I’m definitely a portlandia Portlander because I saw all those pictures of happy chickens on a pasture and I wanted to support that farm.
The eggs were all different colors and huge. You can see in the picture, it's not that my hand is abnormally small it's just that the egg is ginormous.

I had one egg left in my fridge, a Trader Joe's Free Range Egg. So, I set two of the Phoenix Eggs in the carton to compare. I thought it was funny that the Trader Joe egg was labeled LARGE, but looks so tiny in comparison. Also, the coloring and texture of the eggs were completely different. I'm not sure how to put it, it was like the Trader Joe eggs look mass produced and identical to each other, despite also being "free range."

This egg tasted crazy @_@ I love sunnyside up eggs, but normally I use salt and pepper, with this one I didn't need to. It had a much stronger flavor then I'm used to, and the yolk was really buttery and rich.
....downside. I have never spent so much on a carton of eggs. $7. For serious. To give context, I live on a tight budget. I try and spend twenty dollars a week on groceries, and then cook a big batch of a few simple meals to last the whole week. Since these eggs were almost half my budget (yikes) I decided to make quiche this week. But I bet it is going to be the best quiche ever : )

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