Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Correspondence Course Arrived

My class course arrived today. YAY! The Ups man, upon delivery said, “Wow, that looks like something fun.” Yes, it does, Mr. Ups Man. Yes it does.

So, just some initial reactions before I run off to work. While on the invoice the art supplies is priced at $50 (my guesstimate when gauging expense), a savvy buyer could definitely get the art supplies for much less. But, it is everything you need to complete the assignments, it’s professional quality, and some of the items would be harder to find in physical stores (depending where you live).

Also, I quickly flipped through the book. It looks like there will be some great assignments. I would say it assumes very minimal base in art and comic art. It also focus solely on drawing and technique, there is no Scott McCloud comic theory here. That said, it appears to be built to work with any skill level, and help you grow and improve no matter where you start. I also suspect the homework critiques will help target where you need to grow as an artist, and the types of comments will vary depending on where you are already at. I guess we will see : )

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